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One thought on “Contact”

  1. Hi, I enjoy the podcasts very much. Could you do another podcasts on early colleges please. I feel like this is a topic that needs to be updated since your original podcast with Andrea Mulkey. She seemed to emphasize that those are some sort of remedial situation. The early colleges are popular now and are for advanced learners from my experience. Also, could you please do an episode on the military academies (naval, army…)? Another topic I would like to hear more about is public versus private colleges. Could you discuss colleges in the southern part of the U.S. a little more please? The emphasis seems to be more on the north east (yes, I enjoyed the regional podcast where you mentioned Emory and other southern schools). All your episodes are great. If you have the ability to work on volume it would save my ears. The volumes of the different speakers are at different levels so that I am constantly adjusting the sound depending on who is speaking. Thanks for doing this wonderful podcast. I am in the southern part of the east coast.

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